Frozen Desserts

For over 30 years people have been lining up to create their own custom blended nonfat frozen yogurts at Humphrey Yogart.

Where else can you create a unique flavor of frozen yogurt, ice cream or organic vegan ice cream with  over 5,000 different combinations of ingredients on your palette (at Humphrey’s we call it yog-art)?!

If you like tart, we have it -  Sweet, we have you covered - Chocolate, no problem - Vegan, come on down -  Having an issue with sugar, we have four daily flavors of low carb frozen dessert to choose from each and every day!


At Humphrey Yogart the choice is yours. Are you in the mood for a healthy, refreshing smoothie or does a decadent shake feel right for the occasion!? We have it all at Humphrey’s.

 Delicious tropical smoothies loaded with fruit, frozen yogurt and delicious juices might suit your mood on a hot summer day, but then again, a creamy chocolate peanut butter, cookies n cream, or fresh strawberry shake might be just the right thing to top off your night after a great movie.

 We also offer many different green smoothie options if you are looking for a morning pick me up. Humphrey’s has you covered no matter what you desire.


There are thousands of delicious, nutritious, and healthy reasons why we have been scooping for so long, but the most important one is to make you happy. That is what makes us happy!  

At Humphrey’s we have taken the frozen Yogart experience to a whole new level!

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