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Humphrey Yogart was in the news recently when Meghan Markle told Oprah that she worked there as a teenager. Makes sense to me, because this place is certainly yogurt royalty and makes me wish there could be an entire line of fro-yo stores dedicated to riffs on the names of old-timey actors: Rita Whey-worth or Dairy Pickford. When I used to live in the Valley, I remember the business occupying its own space in a Sherman Oaks strip mall. It’s now been relegated to operating inside a Gelson’s, which isn’t ideal but still does the trick.

A swirl of raspberry frozen yogurt from Humphrey Yogart with multicolored sprinkles.

Tart raspberry fro-yo with sprinkles at Humphrey Yogart, where one of the menu items is a shake called the Maltese Humphrey.
(Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

The service when I visited last week was top-notch; the yogurt was also very good. I ordered the daily special: sweet vanilla nonfat yogart (yes, they call it “yogart” on the menu; I appreciate the commitment) with espresso and Heath bar toppings, as well as the punniest item on their menu, a shake called the Maltese Humphrey. You’d have to think it’s just a matter of time until they dedicate something on the menu to Meghan — maybe renaming their sprinkles “Markles”?

The menu includes options with lower sugar content so you can truly say “A Farewell to Carbs” as the yogurt swirl emerges down from “The Fountainhead” of the machine (both starring the inimitable Gary Scooper, of course). Pun rating: 10/10

4520 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks; (818) 906-2490; humphreyyogart.com



Oh my god, if I could drink the clouds of heaven it would be the milkshake I got here!  I had that "Mr. Union " chocolate with peanut butter, but they threw in some malt; so now I need a 12 step program just to stay away from it.  It is a small, but very proportioned out with options place that has a lot of really friendly people working hard to keep people, that should be kept in jail, happy!!!

The coolest thing about Humphrey Yogart is a really cool girl Katie, who uses an ice cream gun, not a scoop, which is totally awesome to watch.  It makes even more amazing low-carb flavors that actually taste like ice cream that should be eaten by humans... most of the time, low-carb ice cream taste like something you use to glue paper together, BUT NOT HERE!

Silky sweet and smooth came together and put heaven in a cup!

Chris Yanke


I've been coming here for years.  It's still the same great froyo with pick your own toppings.  It isn't heavy and tastes so fresh. Customize to your liking.  They also have a frequent buyer card. 🙂
Next time you're craving a sweet treat, skip Pink Berry and come here, you wont regret it.
Sam A. McGill

Systems Engineer

Visited the Sherman Oaks shop first day I moved to California in 1991. It became an instant favorite. Patronized the various locations during the time I lived there. Have never had frozen yogurt like that before or since. Still miss it all these years later! 😋
Kathy Johnson

Technical Writter

Humphreys is the best yogurt around! The taste is beyond anything else. My first job was with them in Sherman Oaks! They have always had friendly, family style employees! I'm so happy for their continuing success! I can't wait to eat a large Raspberry, tart with cream cheese! My go to flavor for 20 years!

Lee Kim

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